Eve Online – I love it!

I have played a lot of MMOs over the years, and usually it goes like this:

  1. Lots of interest initially, play hours on end while you figure things out
  2. Steady state – make friends, join a guild/legion/corp/what-have-you and “level-up”
  3. Get to the top
  4. Get bored
  5. Stop subscription

The amount of time I spent in each of the above phases varies. But invariably, I learn all there is to learn about the game, and get to the point where I can play with the best, and beat the best (or just can’t improve anymore). Then I quit.

However, with Eve, I’ve been playing for 3 years now, and I still can’t say I have learnt everything. I have a lot of friends in game, and I am in some sort of “steady state” alright, but the game continues to amaze me. There is always something new to learn, something new to try.

But extolling Eve’s virtues is not the primary reason I started this blog. The real reason is two fold:

  1. Unlike other games, players in Eve do not seem to share information freely. There is this feeling that if someone else knows what you do, then you’ll be a less effective pvp-er/trader/industrialist etc. I dislike this attitude
  2. Eve’s universe is immense, and the number of ways you can choose to spend your time in Eve is really, really large. However, official documentation for the game is virtually non-existent. I can begin to guess why this might be the case, but this does get in the way of new players trying to have fun – especially when combined with point 1 above

So, this is my attempt to dispel the clouds, share what I know, and help you have a better time in Eve. It is up to you to tell me if I succeed in these tasks, so let your opinions be known. Leave me comments and make my day!

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